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Toits d'or au Kremlin
Photo: © Matthieu Benéteau
Voilà ☺

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Click on the tiles to move them, or use the arrow keys ← ↑ → ↓

The goal of this game is to put all the tiles in the correct order, starting from an initial arrangement where they are mixed up [note].

a possible initial arrangement
the arrangement to be reached

In order to do so, move the tiles by clicking them with your mouse or using your keyboad arrows (← ↑ → ↓). With your mouse you can also move several tiles of the same row or column simultaneously. The only moveable tiles are the ones situated on the same row or colum as the hole.

The solution is reached when all the tiles are arranged in the ascending order, from left to right and from top to bottom (tile #1 must therefore be situated at the top left position).

The easiest puzzle to solve is the 3x3 puzzle. Once you've mastered it, you can try with the 4x4 puzzle, them attempt to complete the 5x5, and finally the 6x6.

You can make it harder by hiding either the numbers or the background image, thanks to the buttons located on the left side of the game.


tiles of advice

If you can't make it to the end, here are a few tips:

  1. try to complete one row after the other, starting with the topmost one,
  2. inside a given row, try to position the tiles from left to right,
  3. for the two last tiles of a row, try to find out the technique!
  4. the two bottommost rows must be completed at the same time, starting with the two leftmost tiles and using the same technique as the one used to position the two last tiles of a given row.

On a 4x4 puzzle, for instance:

  1. try to position #1, then #2, then #3 and #4 in a common movement,
  2. try to position #5, then #6, then #7 and #8 in a common movement,
  3. try to position #9 and #13 in a common movement,
  4. try to position #10 and #14 in a common movement,
  5. then position #11, #12 and #15 in a common movement,
  6. see the result. ☺

It is neither the only way nor the most efficient way to solve the puzzle, but it is the easiest to learn.

You can move your mouse over the magnifying glass (near the Help link) at any moment if you need to visualize the arrangement to be reached.


Have fun!

Note: we guarantee that all the arrangements proposed on this site have a solution. It is said that Sam Loyd had broadcast an arrangement which had no solution, ensuring that he would never have to pay the $1000 reward he offered to the first person who would succeed!